Free Valentines Day Hearts Coloring Page

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Did you know that they aren’t making any conversation heart candies this year? I was shocked, I always by them every year to give out to the kids. So if you are sad like I am, you can still color some hearts with my free Valentines Day Hearts coloring page!

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Free Valentine Coloring Pages from Huckleberry Hearts

Apparently the company that made them, Necco, went out of business. However, they sold the Sweathearts conversation candies to another company, Spangler Candy Company. But unfortunately for us, there wasn’t enough time in the year for the new company to make enough of the candies to meet the demand this year. Good news is, they will return again next year in time for Valentines Day!

Free Heart Coloring Page

But cheer up, we can till color some whimsical candy hearts with this coloring page of hearts and flowers!

Free Valentine Coloring Page from Huckleberry Hearts

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Free Valentines Day Coloring Pages

So what are your favorite candies for Valentines Day? Are you missing those crunchy conversation hearts, or are you more of a chocolate fan? Love to read your favs down in the comments!


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