Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Garland

Today I want to share with you this super easy and adorable DIY Valentine’s Day Garland. Its easy enough for kids to make, and pretty enough for the adults to display!

Easy DIY Valentines Day Garland with Pom Poms and Paper Hearts

The candy hearts are from my Valentine Candy Hearts clipart. Or you can simply cut out your own paper hearts.

These Valentine’s Day garlands are great because you make them as long or short as you want, you can stack multiple garlands together, and you can customize the colors too!

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Paper Hearts and Felt Pom Poms

The supplies are easy to source, I picked up mine from Dollar General and my local craft store.

Easy DIY Valentines Day Garland

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Ready to get started? Here are the supplies you will need:

First you want to get your candy hearts ready. I used clipart from my Candy Hearts clipart set. I printed them out on white cardstock, then cut them out using scissors. You could also cut out your own hearts if you wish.

Cutting out Paper Hearts

Next thread your cord into your needle. I used a dull end needle, and this works great if you have little ones making their own Valentine’s Day garland.

You can put as many pom poms on as you like, I chose to put 2 in between each candy heart.

Threading Valentines Day Garland

Next add the candy hearts. To put a small hole in each heart, I used a small cork coaster underneath the heart and poked the needle through the paper. If you prefer you could use a small hole punch instead. This may be easier for kids to thread.

Plastic Bead to finish end of Valentines Day Garland

Then just continue to thread on the pom poms and hearts until you reach the end. Once finished, you can tie on a small bead at the end to keep the garland pieces from falling off the cord. And now you have a beautiful and festive DIY Valentine’s Day garland to display.

Easy Pom Pom Garland for Valentines Day

Make a DIY Valentine's Day Garland

Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

Fun and easy DIY Valentine's Day garland using paper hearts and felt pom poms. A simple and festive winter craft project for kids.


  • White Cardstock
  • Assorted Felt Pom Poms
  • String
  • Small Plastic Beads (optional)


  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Needle


  1. Print out candy hearts onto cardstock
  2. Cut out hearts using scissors
  3. Thread pom poms onto string using needle
  4. Using hole punch, put two small holes in the top of each candy heart
  5. Thread candy heart onto string using needle
  6. Repeat by adding more pom poms and candy hearts.
  7. Once finished, use small bead to tie off end of string (optional).

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Easy and Fun Valentines Day Garland


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