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  • Colored Pencil Basics for the Beginner Learning the Basic Techniques Colored Pencil Techniques for the Beginner

    Beginning any new art technique can be overwhelming, but in this post, I will show you the basics to get you started with colored pencil art. In this article, we will explore pressure, shading, layering colors, and other techniques such as blending and burnishing. But before we begin, lets talk a little bit about the […]

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  • How To Create Easy Watercolor Textures How to Create Easy Watercolor Textures

    Do you struggle to add watercolor texture to your watercolor art? Well, in this post I will show you 6 ways to easily and quickly add texture and dimension to any of your watercolor paintings. These simple and easy watercolor textures, are fun to make and incredibly satisfying to watch come to life. All my […]

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  • Mothers Day Watercolor Bookmark Tutorial and Free Printable Easy Mothers Day Watercolor Bookmarks + Free Printable

    Mother’s Day is such a wonderful holiday, it can be lots of fun making special gifts for all the moms and grandmas in our life to show them how much we care! Since my mom is an avid reader, I thought I would make an easy but beautiful watercolor bookmark for her to use. This […]

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  • Resize Images in Word How to Easily Edit Clipart in Microsoft Word

    So you bought some digital clipart online, and now you need to edit the images, but how? Did you know that editing images in Microsoft Word is not only possible, but super easy. The most frequently asked question I get from my customers after they purchase clipart from me is ‘how do I edit my […]

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