Unlimited Lifetime No Credit License

$149.00 $106.25



Only 3 of these licenses available. After they are gone the price will go up!!!


This is a listing for a NO CREDIT REQUIRED commercial license. This license is for the small business commercial use of Huckleberry Hearts graphics with no credit given back to Huckleberry Hearts. This license does not give the right to mass commercial production of over 1000 copies, please see the Terms and Conditions for further information. Please note that purchase of this license will not come with any digital or physical proof.

This license is meant to be purchased along with the artwork itself. There are no designs that come with this no credit required license add-on. It simply allows the buyer to sell Huckleberry Hearts designs without giving credit to Huckleberry Hearts. This license covers unlimited sets of designs, including future sets purchased after this listing. For questions regarding this, please contact us.

This license is good for unlimited clip art sets and digital paper sets.

Huckleberry Hearts, LLC retains copyright of all designs, sale of this file does NOT transfer ownership of copyright.


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